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MathsPOWER Year 7 Sample Lessons, Worksheets & Lesson List

Lesson List
1 Subtraction to 99 999 and Beyond - Trading Subtraction
2 Times Tables Revision (Up to 6X) Multiplication
3 Times Tables Revision (up to 6X Quiz) Multiplication
4 Times Tables Revision (7X to 8X) Multiplication
5 Times Tables Revision (9X to 12X) Multiplication
6 Multiplication Facts and Tables Quiz Multiplication
7 Revision of Long Multiplication Multiplication
8 Long Division (Part 1) Division
9 Long Division (Part 2) Division
10 Common Errors Working Mathematically
11 Squaring Numbers and Square Root Multiplication
12 Cubing Numbers and Cube Root Multiplication
13 Order of Operations Working Mathematically
14 Introduction to Directed Numbers Integers
15 Direction and Magnitude of Integers Integers
16 Adding and Subtracting Directed Integers Integers
17 Multiplying and Dividing Directed Integers Integers
18 Order of Operations and Directed Integers Integers
19 Speed Time
20 Australian Time Zones Time
21 Interpreting & Using Timetables Time
22 World Time Zones Time
23 Problem Solving: Drawing a Diagram Working Mathematically
24 Problem Solving: Using a Table Working Mathematically
25 Problem Solving: Working Backwards Patterns / Algebra
26 Assigning Probability to Events Probability
27 Calculating Missing Values Patterns / Algebra
28 Introduction to Inverse Operations Patterns / Algebra
29 Using Inverse Operations Patterns / Algebra
30 Pronumerals/Algebraic Expressions (Part 1) Algebraic Techniques
31 Pronumerals/Algebraic Expressions (Part 2) Algebraic Techniques
32 Substituting into Algebraic Expressions Algebraic Techniques
33 Number Patterns Patterns / Algebra
34 Exploring Index Notation Whole Numbers
35 Distinguishing Prime & Composite Numbers Multiplication
36 A Number as a Product of its Prime Factors Whole Numbers
37 Like Terms in Addition and Subtraction Algebraic Techniques
38 Multiplying Algebraic Expressions Algebraic Techniques
39 Equivalent Expressions Algebraic Techniques
40 Grouping Symbols in Algebra Algebraic Techniques
41 Expanding/Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Algebraic Techniques
42 Decimal Thousandths Fractions / Decimals
43 Subtracting a Fraction from a Whole Fractions
44 Finding Equivalent Fractions Fractions
45 Mixed Numerals as Improper Fractions Fractions
46 Adding and Subtracting Simple Fractions Fractions
47 Finding the Lowest Common Denominator Fractions
48 Comparing and Ordering Fractions Fractions / Decimals
49 Fractions as Decimals & Percentages Percentages
50 Adding Decimals Decimals
51 Subtracting Decimals Decimals
52 Multiplying Decimals by Whole Numbers Decimals
53 Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers Decimals
54 Multiplying Decimals by Decimals Decimals
55 Decimals: Divide/Multiply by 10, 100 and 1 000 Decimals
56 Half Way Examination (Part A) Exam
57 Half Way Examination (Part B) Exam
58 Ratios (Part 1 & Part 2 Joined) Multiplication
59 Division with Remainder as a Fraction Division
60 Multiplying Simple Fractions Fractions / Decimals
61 Adding Mixed Numerals Fractions / Decimals
62 Rounding Off Decimals Fractions / Decimals
63 Highest Common Factors Whole Numbers
64 Divided Bar Graphs Data Representation
65 Sector Graphs Data Representation
66 Line Graphs Data Representation
67 Conversion Graphs Data Representation
68 Frequency Distribution Tables Data Representation
69 Frequency Histograms and Polygons Data Representation
70 Travel Graphs Data Representation
71 Identifying Special Groups of Numbers Whole Numbers
72 Roman Numerals Whole Numbers
73 The Egyptian Number System Whole Numbers
74 Rotational Symmetry 2D Space
75 Exploring and Measuring Angles 2D Space
76 Properties of Triangles 2D Space
77 Drawing Circles 2D Space
78 Polygons 2D Space
79 Diagonals in Polygons 2D Space
80 Angle Properties of 4-Sided Polygons/Quadrilaterals 2D Space
81 Supplementary and Complementary Angles 2D Space
82 Labelling Angles 2D Space
83 Constructing Perpendicular Lines 2D Space
84 Area and Parts of the Circle Geometric Figures
85 Constructing Triangles Geometric Figures
86 Area of a Triangle Area
87 Introduction to Pythagoras’ Theorem Perimeter/Area
88 Area Dissection - Part 1 Perimeter/Area
89 Area Dissection - Part 2 Perimeter/Area
90 Converting Between Metric Units of Length Perimeter/Area
91 Finding Perimeter of Simple Composite Figures Perimeter/Area
92 Estimating Lengths and Distances Perimeter/Area
93 Distinguishing Between Prisms & Pyramids 3D Space
94 Constructing Scale Models 3D Space
95 Units Larger and Smaller than the Cubic Metre Area & Volume
96 Volume of a Rectangular or Square Prism Volume / Capacity
97 Measuring Volume In Cubic Metres (Part 1) Volume / Capacity
98 Measuring Volume in Cubic Metres (Part 2) Volume / Capacity
99 Calculating the Volume of Prisms Area & Volume
100 Converting Grams to Decimal Kilograms / The Tonne Area & Volume
101 Converting Millilitres to Decimal Litres Volume / Capacity
102 Converting Between Units of Capacity Area & Volume
103 Finding Capacity in Kilolitres Using Volume Area & Volume
104 Investigating Platonic Solids Properties of Solids
105 Final Examination (Part A) Exam
106 Final Examination (Part B) Exam